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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Harry Potter & The Summer of Despair

CH.1 the summer of meetings

Harry woke up but didn’t want to open his eyes. He knew that if he did, he would see the ceiling of his room in his aunt and uncle’s house on Privet Drive.
Then his mind began to race. He remembered The night only two months ago, all too clearly, at the Dept. of Mysteries. Prophecy, Ron, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Dumbledore, Sirius. No, he thought, don’t think about Sirius. But he felt the tears form in spite of himself.
After going through that night in his head for the millionth time, and trying for the millionth time to accept it, (and failing miserably.) He decided to open his eyes. At first all he saw was a grayish blur, then when he put on his glasses he saw the ceiling of his room just before the morning light. He then looked at his clock, 7:31 in the morning. He decided that now would be a good time to get up. Maybe taking a walk in the cool air would clear his mind a bit.
He dressed and went to hedwig’s cage and stroked her a little, then saw two letters by the cage, one from Ron, and one from Hagrid. He decided he would read them at his favorite swing in the park. Harry snuck to the kitchen and grabbed a banana from the kitchen and then stepped outside.
It was lovely and cool and dark outside. Perfect for someone who would rather not bee seen. Harry was nearing the park when he began thinking again, about a subject that had not crossed his mind in a long time. Cho Chang, and his experiences with her the year earlier. It seemed forever ago that he was kissing her in the D.A. room under the mistletoe, it seemed even longer that he felt something towards her. Looking back on it, Harry realized his infatuation with Cho was nothing truly substantial.
That thought led him to wonder, Could he have something substantial at his age? Was he too young to even the contemplating such things? If He could think frankly about Voldemort and his parents, maybe he could be capable. But he wouldn’t worry, if something will happen, it will happen.
Just then he bumped into something and fell over. “Ow!” he said. “Ow!” he heard another voice say. He looked and realized he’d slammed head first into a girl while he’d been thinking. “Oh, I am SO sorry.” the girl said. “no, I’m sorry,” Harry said. “I should’ve been paying attention to what I was doing.” Then the girl said, “No it’s my fault, I shouldn’t be reading while walking, but I’m at such a good part and I just couldn’t put it down.” and Harry noticed a book lying by the girl. “Do you need some help up?” Harry asked. “No, but thank you.” She said.
“It’s nice to know chivalry isn’t confined to books.” Harry smiled. This girl was obviously a muggle, but a very pretty muggle. She had light skin and lovely light brown hair that was just a little messy, some of it was artfully lying in her face, over her purple wire frame glasses. “What’s your name?” she asked him. “Harry.” he answered her. “Hi Harry.” She said. “I’m Cameilia, nice to meet you.”
They walked around the park twice talking, Harry learned that Cameilia was 15, that she went to the state school, that she had a Dog named Liza, and that she lived with her brother Sean, who was 25. Harry told her that he lived with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, where they lived, he even told her about his parents, and that they had died.
He did not tell her HOW they had died however, nor did he tell her where he went to school. But she seemed not to notice. “really? You lost your parents too? I’m sorry. My mother died when I was 5, and my father got really depressed after that. He’d go out for hours, sometimes all night. Then, one day he didn’t come home. I never found out what happened to him.” She stopped to sniffle, Harry thought it might be from the cold, but then he saw her wipe away a tear. “My brother really raised me, but we had to live in a children’s home until he turned 18, then we got our very own house, and we got Liza. That was my mother’s name.”
Harry was surprised to feel a tear fall onto his cheek as well, then he noticed the swing set.
“Oh, we passed that twice already haven’t we? I forgot I was going to sit on the swing and read my friends’ letters.” “Oh, ok.” said Cameilia. “I’ll see you later.” She smiled at him and he returned it. Then, to his surprise, she hugged him, like they were old friends departing, not new ones.
He was surprised to see how close he had grown to Cameilia in just an hour. She smiled again and walked away with her book. Harry realized that she was the first friend he hade made in Little Winging. The he thought about how nice she had been, about the quiet sadness and wonderful spirit that made her incredibly beautiful.
It took Harry a moment to remember that he had two letters to read. He sat down on the swing and opened the one from Hagrid.


but u have to remember, I fell my life isn't interesting enough. so, for now I'm gonna post chapters from
my Harry Potter fanfiction, and my book of the month,
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Hey, sorry I haven't been posting in a few days, you know how hard this can be, right?
Well, were out 4 snow again, yay! I'm watching the Today show and they just revealed the cover of the next Harry Potter book! It's all green with a purple title and it shows Dumbeldore and Harry looking into what I can only assume is the pensive. I actually have a HBP theroy. They said something big was going to be revealed about Lily Potter. What I think is maybe she had a baby with a muggle out of wedlock, and that baby is the half-blood prince. But remember, that is only a theroy.

Also, on the drama front, they changed the datae to the 19th. Gives me more time to pratice.My friend Jeremy has the first SOUE book and he's gonna use an exerpt from that. Thats kinda all from there.

Also, it is now 21 days until PD6 comes out, I urg everybody to go 2 www.megcabot.com and read the exerpt from the book, it deals w/ really funny stuff!




Saturday, March 05, 2005


Ok, we left off when Craig trashed the hotel room. When he picks up the phone we find out its Ashley, saying she dosn't want to get married yet. But one day. But when he crashed Ash's dad's wedding, she gets mad and he runs off, and Joey finds out about all this and gets mad @ him, then he and Craig start fighting in front of the little sister. Then Craig beats up Joey and he runs off again, we find out that he has a mental disorder, which is why he was doing all this stuff, but here's the real big thing, ASHLEY WON'T LEAVE HIM!! Romantic? Oh yeah! While all this is happening, J.T. and Liberty show Radditch their new (and stupid) Degrassi the musical, but instead of singing the raddish sone, J.T. sings something else, and liberty gets mad @ him for conforming and storms out, but not before singing the "real" raddish song. Then, J.T. apologizes and they KISS!!!!! Next week, we might see something along the lines of Spinner and Manny as a couple. (gag, I DON'T like manny) So, More will be revealed next week!!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The Mediator 1: Shadowland
by meg cabot

a guy, a girl, a new kind of ghost story.

(according to www.megcabot.com)

There’s a hot guy in Susannah Simon's bedroom. Too bad he’s a ghost. Suze is a mediator—a liaison between the living and the dead. In other words, she sees dead people. And they won't leave her alone until she helps them resolve their unfinished business with the living. But Jesse, the hot ghost haunting her bedroom, doesn’t seem to need her help. Which is a relief, because Suze has just moved to sunny California and plans to start fresh, with trips to the mall instead of the cemetery, and surfing instead of spectral visitations. But the very first day at her new school, Suze realizes it’s not that easy. There’s a ghost with revenge on her mind…and Suze happens to be in the way.

This is the first in a GREAT series, there are only 6 books, but each one is better than the last!My thought: If you like the paranormal, and you like stories about girl power, or your looking for a good sci-fi ish romance story, this is perfect 4 you!!!

Read the sequels to this book:

The Mediator 2: Ninth Key
The Mediator 3: Reunion
The Mediator 4: Darkest Hour
The Mediator 5: Haunted
The Mediator 6: Twilight.

(different titles in the UK, go 2 website for those)

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Ok, I traded my friend krista a plastic ring that I got from one of those gumball machine thingys for her new tamagitchi connection. this is the re-made version of the old favorite from the mid-ninties. the pet inside the colorful egg not only grow, but can interact w/ other pets, playing games and mating, which is what my new one "chad" did, had a baby w/ a female Tama, and created the next generation, after 24 hours, Chad died, and I kept his daughter, whom I named "Suze" after the Mediator charicter. I went to www.tamagotchi.com and learned that the pet will grow into 4 stages, baby, toddler, teen,and adult. right now Suze is @ toddler. This is my first tama, because when the craze hit the first time, I had a giga-pet, the well-known rival of the tamagotchi industry. but this one I have now seems to be much more fun.Even though they were somewhat lame the first time around, theyre much more fun now, w/ games and interactive stuff, and it has a clock, and you can put in your birthday, and your tama will celebrate it!.

Any way, other than my new tama, I went to the drama meeting. My teacher and my friendJeremy watched me perform, they thought it was funny. I really hope that the judges @ the tournament think so too, I've been working hard(and if not, I will) and I hope I do good.

I'm sorry there's not more, but not much has been goin on. At least I have some stuff remotely good going on, but I've also decided I'm gonna recap every fridays new Degrassi Episode on the Sat after. heres last weeks:

this was a cliff-hanger episode. We know that Craig and Ashley are back together, well, Ash's mom dosn't trust him because of what he did. But Ash trusts him, so why couldn't she? anyway, Ash's whole family is getting ready for her dad's wedding, and Craig's not invited, but Ash wants him there anyway. So Craig buys a hotel room w/ Joey's credit card(stolen!) and brings Ashley there. Theres this Rose petal trail from the door to this big heart shaped w/ rose petals, and inside the heart, spelled out in rose petals is "A+C". Which is V. Romantic. Then Ash is all "You know, we don't need 2 beds." while all this is happening, Spinner and Marco are still mad about Craig picking ashley over them, and Liberty adapted Dracula to a play, starring Manny (errrrr). But, Mr. Radditch dosn't like that idea, and has her write a new play, Degrassi: The Musical! (gag!) Well, LIbery and J.T. don't like this idea(and neither do I, hence the gag.) and they start making up a song for the musical that makes fun of him(Raddishes, raddishes, not so sweet, gross and bitter and no fun to eat!) and if I'm not mistaken, We see a little spak between them. (Liberty and J.T.) Back to Ashley and Craig, there at this party, I don't know if it's her dad's reception or what, but craig Proposes to her!!!!! Well, she sayd no, and Craig runs back to the hotel room and starts trashing it, then the phone rings and he looks at it, and then the "to be continued" sighn comes on.

Cool, Huh?



ps, I updated www.baudelaires3.blinkz.com !

Saturday, February 19, 2005


ok, I think I can be in drama club again, I have a piece,
now I just have to study it, and show up to all the
meetings. I chose a part of "Project Princess" by MC. I aparrantly don't have much to right about on this
subject, it's taking me 3 minutes between sentences.
so I'll change it.

I haven't really had anything happen lately cause
I've been online a lot, I updated my SOUE site, that
again is www.baudelaires3.blinkz.com

I found a lot of book release dates.
PD6------March 29
HP&HBP-----July 16
SOUE 12------Oct.12

so, yeah, really boring, but it will get more exciting,
I promise!

also, I got a rally good pic of me I'll be adding, but

u see how I have nothing?

except that my mom is taking me to
books-a-million for the Meditator series.



Monday, February 14, 2005

VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that it is the big V day already. And that suprisingly, it's gone pretty well, so far, I look good, I gave valentine cards to my friends, and I got 1 present, from Leigh, who made candy 4 me. Which is really nice. Then we had barbecue for lunch, yummy, my comp. Teacher gave us candy, and tonight I'm gonna watch the special 7th Heaven musical episode. Also, I really, REALLY hope that my mom got me the meditator series, although, anythig she gets me I will love, and I'm not getting my hopes up, but I hope its those books.

Not really much else, I mean, I was expecting, like, mass mayhem and panic, but, a practically normal day is fine w/ me! Not that many girls even gloated about getting more stuff than me! I'm actually pretty happy about the way its going, but I'm still not out of the woods yet.

since I'm not completely through the V day, I can tell you what I did this weekend. I went to see that new movie Hitch, starring Will Smith. (It's quite refreshing to see him in a role where he is not shooting things, as he has lately been doing.) then, I went to the community center w/ my dad, and we went to his friend's house, which is cool, cause they have 4 dogs and a cat that for some reason always smells like peppermint. I also got some penpals to email, let me shout out 2 them,

Hey Victoria!

Hey Steven!

Hey Sharon!

also, I have become friends w/ a girl in the shadowland forum @ www.megcabotbookclub.com , let me shout her out,

hey Wannabeamericangirl !!!!!

well, I may update this post as the day goes on, but 4 now. Bye!